Envisioning a sustainable future

INTRALOT consistently contributes to our local communities through technology and know-how transfers. We also offer employment opportunities in a safe and friendly work environment and provide specialised training to our local workforce and sales network. Moreover, we support social welfare and educational programs, sponsor human development initiatives and focus on preserving the cultural heritage of our communities and on enhancing their quality of life.

Corporate Governance & Compliance

INTRALOT has adopted rules and procedures—our Code of Corporate Governance and Code of Conduct—that ensure the integrity, security and transparency of all our business practices. We also uphold strict ethics standards in our relations with all stakeholders and comply fully with the regulatory framework and industry guidelines in all our jurisdictions.

Environmental Sustainability

Having developed a company-wide system to monitor our environmental performance, INTRALOT regularly engages in green initiatives that are relevant to our operations and have a positive impact on our local communities. As a responsible global corporate citizen, INTRALOT is an active member of the UN Global Compact and supports regional CSR networks. Our annual sustainability report meets the strict GRI-4 standards and we have achieved the highest level Responsible Gaming Certification by the World Lottery Association.
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